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Alex is all about helping men change their lives to achieve their personal and professional goals. Alex has worked as a personal development coach for men since 2013. After volunteering to coach veterans in need for 3 years, Alex discovered that life coaching was his true passion. This passion ultimately inspired him to create Next Level Life Coaching. 


I never planned on becoming a life coach. In fact, I had never even heard of a life coach or knew what life coaching was about. That is, until I met and hired a coach myself. Initially, I just wanted to better myself and help fellow veterans with their problem areas in life after I left the Marine Corps. I never imagined it would become what I’m truly passionate about. 

Life coaching had a MAJOR positive impact on my life. But, I realized that the price of coaching is quite expensive. So, I decided to make life coaching services available to everyone by offering coaching at rates anyone can afford.


What truly differentiates Alex from other coaches is that he has endured many hardships in life. Those hardships presented many great physical and mental barriers which he overcame on his own. Alex often shares his personal experiences to inspire his clients, illustrating that anything is possible despite a person’s circumstances. Additionally, Alex’s military experience, successful military transition, and personal experience with using many different veteran benefits provides veteran clients with invaluable insight and an advantageous head start during their transition process. 

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The mission of Next Level Life Coaching is to provide convenient and affordable life coaching services to men across the United States to help them achieve their personal and professional goals and make positive changes that promote lifelong success.


Brandon Wallace

"Alex's optimism was refreshing for me since I was accustomed to being surrounded by so much negativity at home. His positive reinforcement and encouragement played an important role in the success of my recent career transition.”

Chuck Ridell

"My finances were a mess before I finally gave in and sought help. Alex actually made me a PowerPoint file with a detailed plan that went far beyond my expectations! He also helped me find some extra ways to save money on my current expenses.”

Ken West

"Just a wonderful experience overall and I made a new friend in the process.”

My Goal Is To Help You Achieve Yours!

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