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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Next Level Life Coaching defines life coaching as guiding, assisting, supporting, and providing helpful resources to clients to help them make positive life changes, and overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve their personal and professional goals.

  1. Improve personal finances
  2. Increase and build confidence
  3. Gain clarity and find direction in life
  4. Beat procrastination and avoid making excuses by having someone hold you accountable for your actions
  5. Receive unbiased advice from a professional 
  6. Stay focused on the most important things
  7. Accomplish goals faster and save time 
  8. Overcome mental barriers and obstacles
  9. Develop a positive “winning” mindset
  10. Improve work life balance
  11. Have a supportive friend that encourages and motivates you
  12. Make positive changes towards becoming the best version of yourself

Most people choose coaching over the phone for the greater convenience and because they find it more comfortable, but clients also have the option to select online coaching using Skype. 

***In-person coaching is available to local clients in San Diego, CA upon request.***

Life coaching sessions on average can easily exceed $120 or more per hour, or even several hundreds per hour, but one of my personal goals when I founded Next Level Life Coaching was to make coaching services more affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Next Level Life Coaching proudly offers life coaching plans at affordable rates ranging from $79 – $239 depending on the plan selected. 

You can view our plans and pricing on our Home page by clicking here. 

See if life coaching is a good fit for you by taking advantage of our free initial consultation offer. During the initial consultation you’ll get answers to your questions, learn more about the coaching process, meet the coach, and discuss your needs and goals with the coach to ensure they are the best coach for you to work with. Schedule your free consultation here. 



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